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NFL 2005
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23rd-Sep-2005 06:35 am - Week 3 Picks
St Louis Rams -6½
Oakland Raiders +8
Cincinnati Bengals -3
New York Jets -2½
Minnesota Vikings -4
Carolina Panthers -3½ (Lock)
Cleveland Browns +14
Atlanta Falcons +2½
Green Bay Packers +3½
Seattle Seahawks -6
Pittsburgh Steelers -3
San Francisco 49ers +7
San Diego Chargers -6
Denver Broncos -3
15th-Sep-2005 02:35 pm - Week 2 Picks
Hey everyone. Picks didn't go as well as I would have liked in week one. Shaky week, some surprising end results in a few of the games around the league. Here is how I did overall.

Week One Straight Up: 9-7
Week One Against the Spread: 6-10
Lock of the Week Straight Up: 1-0
Lock of the Week ATS: 0-1
Upset Special Straight Up: 0-1

Heres to improvement in Week Two (I hope). Here are my picks. Sorry for the lack of explaining or detail into these picks, I only have a few minutes to kill while I am here at work and I gotta do this fast.

Straight Up:

Detroit Lions
Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers
Indianapolis Colts
Cincinnati Bengals
Philadelphia Eagles
Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots
Seattle Seahawks
St. Louis Rams
N.Y. Jets
Green Bay Packers (Lock)
San Diego Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs
N.Y. Giants
Washington Redskins (Upset Special)

Against the Spread:

Detroit - 1.5
Baltimore - 3.5
Pittsburgh - 6
Indianapolis - 9
Cincinnati - 3
San Francisco + 13.5
Buffalo Bills + 2.5
New England - 3 (Lock)
Seattle - 1
St. Louis + 1
N.Y. Jets - 6
Green Bay - 6.5
San Diego + 3
Kansas City - 1.5
N.Y. Giants - 3
Washington + 6

Good Luck to everyone else betting, in football pools, or just picking games for fun. Enjoy Week 2, and I will be back again, hopefully off of much better results, next week.
7th-Sep-2005 02:12 pm - Week One Picks (ATS)
As I promised, here are my selections for week one against the spread. The spread I am using is the most recent I have seen from the Chicago Sun Times.

Oakland + 7.5
Denver - 4.5
Carolina - 7
Jacksonville - 3
Pittsburgh - 7
Minnesota - 6
Washington -6.5
Houston + 4.5
Kansas City - 3
Cincinnati - 3.5
San Diego - 4.5
Green Bay + 3
Arizona + 2
St. Louis - 4.5 (Lock of the Week)
Indianapolis - 3
Atlanta + 2
7th-Sep-2005 01:36 pm(no subject)
nfl predictions

NFC east
Phildelphia Eagles 10-6
Dallas 9-7
Washington 7-9
NY Giants 5-11

NFC North
Minnesota 9-7
Green Bay 8-8
Detroit 6-10
Chicago 4-12

NFC South
Atlanta 14-2
Carolina 12-4*gets wild card
New Orleans 8-8
Tampa Bay 7-9

NFC West
St. Louis 9-7* wins tie breaker with wins over Seattle
Seattle 9-7* gets wild card
Arizona 7-9
San Franciso 2-14

New England 11-5
New York Jets 9-7*wins tie breakers for wild card
Buffalo 8-8
Miami 5-11

AFC North
Balitmore 10-6
Pittsburgh 9-7* wins tiebreakers for wild card
Cincinatti 8-8
Cleveland 6-10

Indianapolis Colts 14-2
Jacksonville Jaguars 9-7
Houston Texans 7-9
Tennesee Titans 6-10

Kansas City 9-7
Denver 7-9
San Diego 6-10
Oakland 5-11


Wild Card
Carolina at Minnesota (Carolina)
Seattle at St. Louis (St. Louis)

New York Jets at Balitmore (Baltimore)
Pittsburgh at Kansas City (Pittsburgh)

round 1

Carolina at Atlanta (atlanta)
St. Louis at Phildelphia (St. Louis)

Pittsburgh at New England (New England)
Baltimore at Indianapolis (Indianapolis)

conference finals
New England At Indianopolis (New England)
Philedelphia at Atlanta (atlanta)

Super bowl

Atlanta over New England
31st-Aug-2005 05:40 pm - 2005 Season.
Hello everyone. I will be posting my picks week by week on here and keeping track of how well I do for the season...I will also pick the games based on who covers the spread and who doesn't, but I will not do that until next week before the games when the spreads are out.

Season (Straight up) = 0-0
Season (Against the Spread) = 0-0
Lock of the Week (Straight up) = 0-0
Lock of the Week (Against the Spread) = 0-0
Upset Special = 0-0

Saints at Panthers - Well I would love to see the Saints win this game, since no matter who you are and who you are rooting for, you have the have a place in your hearts for them based on what is going on back in their home city. However, that being said, the Panthers will win this game. Easily. Carolina is going to be a very dangerous team this season, a division winning team I believe, and they kick off the season in front of their home fans against a very mediocre team in the Saints, who also still could have a lot of off the field issues on their mind when this game gets underway. Very simply, the home team happens to be a far better football team.


Bears at Redskins - Well this is a fun game for me. I live in the Chicagoland area, yet I hate the Bears (always have) and I love the Redskins (always have). Obviously this game will be looked at as a biased pick for me, but throw all that garbage out. The Redskins are going to be improved this year with the same defense, if not slightly better with Arrington returning, a better and more productive offense (offensive line healthy, great free agent pick up at center, new speedy wide outs), and just all around a better understanding of Gibbs and the way he wants to play the game. The bears...well, no need to say anything too mean, but basically, their awful, they are a worse football team then they were last year, they have a rookie quarterback who will struggle like all rookies who aren't named Marino or Roethlisberger do, and they have a tough schedule.


Broncos at Dolphins - When I first looked at this match up, I started to wonder if we were possibly in for a shocker, a big upset...then I quickly realized how stupid that was. Dolphins will be a slightly better football team then last season, but they still are not a good one.


Eagles at Falcons - Ahhh, the first Monday night matchup of the season, and it should be a fun one. I don't have a lot to say about the game, besides I am looking forward to it, and I will be honest, I don't have much analyzing going in involving this game. I simply have a gut feeling I am going on. Philadelphia will have a tad bit of the dreaded super bowl loss hangover this season, which for them this season means they will only win 10-12 games. They won't win this one.


Raiders at Patriots - Raiders could make it interesting, keep it close enough, but New England, at home to open up a season, coming off a super bowl victory, on National television...Patriots win, despite some struggles with new coaches on both sides of the ball.


Texans at Bills - Houston is being watched very closely as a possible surprise team this season to make a playoff run. Buffalo is being downgraded because of the QB move to start JP Losman this season. However, Buffalo's running game and strong defense in front of their home crowd will be enough to win this game. All Losman has to do is to try and not make too many crucial mistakes.


Jets at Chiefs - Many questions surround the Jets this season, but around 97 percent of them are based on Chad Pennington and his injury troubles. He will be fine, he will have a solid season, and so will the Jets. However, the Chiefs will put on a show at home week one and put up a lot of points. Kansas City wins a shootout.


Seahawks at Jaguars - Seattle will be a force in their division this year, which in the NFC West means they will go 8-8 and finish second to the Rams. I am not sure why, but I am not high on the Seahawks this season. Sure they got Shaun Alexander, and they are a talented team, but thats what they are going into every season, and for some reason they just fail to perform up to their expected level when it comes game time for most of the season. That being said, I am also not high on the Jacksonville Jaguars this season. I feel both teams will be mediocre with 8-8 or 9-7 records, but when it comes down to this battle of the mediocre squads, Jacksonville takes it at home.


Bengals at Browns - Bengals win. Next.


Buccaneers at Vikings- Despite the obvious loss of Randy Moss in the off season and the running back injuries thus far in the preseason, I still like the Vikings at home here. They have a lot of talent at wide receiver still, and they will score a lot of points this season, especially at home.


Cowboys at Chargers - I am a Redskins fan.


Titans at Steelers - The Titans still suck, and the Steelers, while not a 15-1 team this season, is still among the elite teams in the AFC. They will be in front of a packed house to open up the season, and their D will have absolutely no trouble shutting down the Titans.


Cardinals at Giants - I think the Cardinals are the surprise team this season...which isn't saying a lot since by surprise team, I mean I see them going 7-9, maybe 8-8. They will head into New York, Eli against Kurt...Kurt will prevail in a close one.


Packers at Lions - I love Brett Favre. After all, I hate the Bears. I also, however, see the Lions being a pretty good football team this season. Green Bay is about as predictable as they are made out to be, a solid offense with a great QB and a good running game, with a defense that scares absolutely no one. Over all, I gotta love Favre here to start off the season with a win.


Rams at 49ers - St. Louis will be high flying this season, back to being the greatest show on turf (besides the Colts of course, so I suppose the 2nd greatest show on turf). They will still have their share of road woes this season, but week one against a very poor football team in San Fran, that won't affect them. St. Louis wins in a blow out of epic proportions.


Colts at Ravens - Baltimore will be a solid team again this season, a great defense with a good enough offense to win 10-11 games. They added Derrick Mason to the mix at wide receiver, but I think people who think that will win them a super bowl are forgetting something. Kyle Boller is their QB. On the other side, those wacky Colts have a guy named Peyton Manning at the helm. He may struggle against Baltimore, which means only throwing 2 touchdowns, but the Colts will still win this game, maybe by double digits.


Again, I will pick games by the spread when I have the spread available to me, but for now, here are my picks. I am picking Arizona as my upset special, not knowing how big of an upset this is actually since its week one and I don't even know yet who is favored. Too me, its an upset though.

Go Redskins.
28th-Aug-2005 11:39 am - Season Predictions.....
sent to me
My predictions for the season, please feel free to post yours also!

AFC East
1. Patriots
2. Jets
3. Bills
4. Dolphins

Read more...Collapse )

AFC West
1. Broncos
2. Chargers
3. Raiders
4. Chiefs

Read more...Collapse )

AFC North
1. Steelers
2. Ravens
3. Bengals
4. Browns

Read more...Collapse )

AFC South
1. Colts
2. Jags
3. Texans
4. Titans

Read more...Collapse )

NFC East
1. Eagles
2. Cowboys
3. Giants
4. Redskins

Read more...Collapse )

NFC West
1. Rams
2. Seahawks
3. Cardinals
4. 49ers

Read more...Collapse )

NFC North
1. Packers
2. Vikings
3. Lions
4. Bears

Read more...Collapse )

NFC South
1. Falcons
2. Panthers
3. Saints
4. Bucs

Read more...Collapse )
18th-Aug-2005 11:48 am - My 2 cents:
Saints at Panthers - Both of these teams have the talent to be major contenders in the NFC battle this season. The New Orleans success depends on a consistent season by QB Aaron Brooks and RB Deuce McAllister. I’ve read reports that New Orleans Oline has improve, which should provide more opportunity for McAllister to have a good season. Carolina seems to start off slow, so I pick a New Orleans win.

Bears at Redskins - This will definitely be a Washington win. Chicago is again in the position of starting their back-up QB, with Grossman out for the majority of the season. In addition, their possible star rookie RB, Cedric Benson, is still holding out. While I am confident that he will sign his contract and eventually be a breakout RB, I don’t think this will come to term by week one. Washington’s D will be too tough to this season to give up a loss to DaBears.

Broncos at Dolphins - This was a difficult decision as Miami scares me a little this season. If their QB can come out and have a decent season, they may pose a threat to my beloved Bills. A Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown tandem is frightening. However, unlike other people, I actually have faith in Jake the Snake and Coach Shannahan, so I see a Broncos win in week one.

Eagles at Falcons - Although fun to watch, Vick hasn’t gained my confidence in Atlanta’s ‘West Coast’ offense. The Eagles have a tough D and I believe the upper hand. Eagles = victorious.

Raiders at Patriots - This is a tough one. New England = Super Bowl Champs, whereas Oakland has made some major offensive changes in the off-season. I think Oakland is going to start out shaky, so I give this win to NE.

Texans at Bills - I’m a little bias when it comes to this prediction, but regardless of a possible ‘green’ performance by QB JP Losman, I feel McGahee and the Bills D will carry the Bills through with a victory.

Jets at Chiefs - Regardless of RB Priest Holmes’ magical play making ability, another threat to a Buffalo takeover of the AFC East is the New York Jets. Coming off of a disappointing playoff loss last season, the Jets have something to prove. With an improved D and a new WR threat in Coles, I see them having a great season. I see NY, unfortunately, victorious in this battle.

Seahawks at Jaguars - The Jags had a difficult season last year, merely pulling last minute victories. I see them having another difficult season. The Seahawks, with franchise tagged Shaun Al come away with a victory in this game.

Bengals at Browns - I have very little faith in Trent Dilfer carrying the Browns through a winning season, even with the Reuben Droughns and rookie Braylon Edwards additions. Cincinnati has Palmer, who could step up and have a solid year. In addition, RUDI, RUDI, RUDI will hopefully be a non-stop force. Cincinnati will pull away with a victory in this first game.

Buccaneers at Vikings- Even without Moss, a Culpepper lead team will pull away with a victory against Cadillac and a decent Tampa Bay offense.

Cowboys at Chargers - Can Drew Brees do it again? It’s possible. But the bigger question is will Drew Bledsoe do it again. ‘It’ being, provide an inconsistent performance week in and week out. Don’t get me wrong, as a Bill backer, I hold Bledsoe high on my favorite QB list, but his inconsistencies make it difficult to expect him to carry a mediocre team, regardless of the coach.

Titans at Steelers - The Titans, regardless of having McNair back and their new rookie addition “Pacman”, will have a difficult season. It’s kind of scary when you’re calling on Drew Bennett to be your #1 go to guy. The Steelers own this game, hands down.

Cardinals at Giants - The Cardinals are up-and-coming and the Giants aren’t going to stop them. With their newly acquired RB JJ Arrington, their veteran QB Kurt Warner and their stellar receiving core, Arizona should be major contenders this season. This will be a fly-by win for Arizona.

Packers at Lions - Favre is the man. However, Harrington could become the man. Joey has his weapons, but can he load the proverbial gun effectively? Green Bay’s D is ‘icky’ (sorry, I’m the father of a newly talkative two year old…I say potty as well.). This is a tough call, as it depends on Harrington being more productive than last season. Regardless of a few TDs by Favre, I think the Lions pull away with a victory on this one.

Rams at 49ers - Alex Smith can’t immediately save this franchise, so Bulger and Holt win this match-up. St. Louis pulls out an easy win.

Colts at Ravens - Although I feel it will be extremely difficult for Peyton to have a comparable year to last season, he may get close. His weapons haven’t changed and the improved Colts defense should enable the offense to have more time on the field. On the other hand, Baltimore should be scary this year with a slimmer, faster Jamal Lewis. Their D is incredible and they are determined to succeed with Kyle Bohler. Regardless, Indy comes out with a victory, but not a trouncing.

/end rant
18th-Aug-2005 01:28 am - Premature week one predictions
sent to me
I figure I will get the ball rolling, these are tenative to change since we got a few more weeks of pre-season which can result in lots more pre-season injuries! So as of right now these are my week one predictions.

Oakland at New England- Oakland has made some great changes acquiring Moss and Jordan in the off season. However with Collins at QB, there's no chance of them beating the reigning champs the Patriots. Although the Pats lost some, they are still the same team as last year and again will be a force for the full season.

Chicago at Washington- Grossman's out? Then so are the Bears, I don't see them winning many games, especially not this one. The Redskins have the right people but they are still working on the QB situation, so I don't expect much out of them but this week I think might be one of their wins for the year.

Cincinnati at Cleveland- I am curious about these two teams. I am curious if Crennel can really transform this team, but Dilfer at QB? Cinci, has a great talent in Palmer, and the two Johnsons, make this team a possibility as long as they work togeth, this first match out of two I am giving to the Bengals.

Denver at Miami- Ricky Williams is back? Whoop-i-dee-doo! All the sudden the Dolphins are going to be play-off caliber? I just don't see it they had more issues last year than no running back! Denver is constantly in the playoffs and they have a good team, I am curious who they will churn out as their star running back. Plummer is a little on the hot seat but I don't think he gets the credit he deserves. Denver is winning this one.

Houston at Buffalo- I think the Texans have a good team they are just young, I think if they don't do anything this year I think next year will be the year for them to break through. On the otherhand, Bledsoe ain't in Buffalo no more and there putting all their eggs in Losman's basket. I will give this to Buffalo just for their defense that is so dominant.

New Orleans at Carolina- Carolina is nothing this year. I just don't think they have it in them. But the Saints have the talent just hasn't done anything with it so this is hard for me to choose. but first game of the year? I will give it to Panthers, it will be a rare win for them this year.

N.Y. Jets at Kansas City- One word- Defense! Two years ago both of these teams were the laughing stock of defense. Even though KC went almost undefeated they had one of the worst defense in the league and over those two years they have barely done anything to fix it. The Jets however took it as constructive criticism. Last year they got a new DC, and drafted well including the defensive rookie of the year. They have now acquired Law, and I think the defense alone with Martin, they will walk all over this KC team.

Seattle at Jacksonville- So last year I predict the AFC south would be the division to beat in 05' or 06', now I still think that's a year away. I do think the Jags can do something really good this year. Seattle is coming of a good start, but slow finish. If they can remember the early part of last year and play like that they can win. But I don't see any real improvements in the recieving core. If you all remember they had issues with actually catching the ball. So I am going with Jags, I will try to have a little faith in this little known team!

Tampa Bay at Minnesota- Can Tampa be as bad this year as they were last year? I think yes! So even though Minnesota is going to need to work on things this year with the lack of Moss, I think they can win this easy.

Tennessee at Pittsburgh- Up until last year Mcnair was heading for the Hall of Fame, now? Who knows but I don't think it will be to the play-offs are even having a winning record. Now Pittsburgh? They have the team that works well together and I think Big Ben will only grow in is 2nd season, He doesn't have Buress anymore, so he is going to need to get his aim down more, but I have faith in him. You also can't go wrong with The Bus!

Arizona at N.Y. Giants- Really? Do I have to? Both teams to me have minimal talent not that far spread. Eli is not Peyton nor will he ever be and people need to realize that. Just as Kurt Warner is not the player that he used to be. So with those two startes questionable you go to wonder who can win this game. I will give to the Vet teamed with Boldin and say Arizona.

Dallas at San Diego- Dallas has Bledsoe, Chargers has Brees, Gates, or and a minor player by the name of oh what is it? Tomlinson. I have to appreciate what the Cowboys are trying to do, but the Chargers have this one.

Green Bay at Detroit- Now I want to say the Lions since I like rooting for the underdog. But the Packers are more put together right now. So I have to give it to them, but watch out for those Lions they got some good young players.

St. Louis at San Francisco- A new QB is not going to fix the Niners problems. So this is the Rams game.

Indianapolis at Baltimore- Indy has the QB and the team. Baltimore has the Team but not the QB. The Colts will grab this one.

Philadelphia at Atlanta- NFC Championship rematch....Philly is still more put together than Atlanta, even though I do like what Atlanta puts on the table. But I think Philly will take this one.
18th-Aug-2005 01:06 am - 3 weeks and counting.....
sent to me
Attention Football fans,

There are 3 weeks remaining til the first official kick-off of the 2005 season! Welcome to NFL 2005! I made this community because I am a huge sports fan. I also love to predict games for the week, and guranteed from me you will always get detailed reason I think certain teams will win or certain players will shine! So whether you want to join to add to the debate or if you want to join just to read so you can get some inside stuff in order to make a bet with a friend. Everyone is welcome. The only thing I ask is to talk football, and to be open that more than likely your team is not going to win every week and that people will post eventually that they think your team will lose. So just let people have their opinions!
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