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NFL 2005
Week Three Picks 
23rd-Sep-2005 02:50 pm
Well, Week two provided some better results than week one for me. I got my straight up and ATS locks of the week wrong, but I hit my upset special. Here's what my stats look like two weeks into the season.

Week Two Straight Up: 10-6
Week Two Against the Spread: 9-6-1
Season Straight Up: 19-13
Season Against the Spread: 15-16-1
Lock of the Week Straight Up: 1-1
Lock of the Week ATS: 0-2
Upset Special Straight Up: 1-1

Here are my picks for week three:

Straight Up:

Cincinnati Bengals (Lock of the Week)
St. Louis Rams
Philadelphia Eagles
Jacksonville Jaguars
Minnesota Vikings
Carolina Panthers
Indianapolis Colts
Buffalo Bills
Tampa Bay Bucs
Seattle Seahawks
Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys
San Diego Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs (Upset Special)

Against the Spread:

Cincinnati Bengals - 3 (Lock of the Week)
St. Louis Rams - 6.5
Philadelphia Eagles - 7.5
Jacksonville Jaguars + 2.5
Minnesota Vikings - 4
Carolina Panthers - 3
Indianapolis Colts - 13.5
Buffalo Bills - 2.5
Green Bay Packers + 3.5
Seattle - 6.5
Pittsburgh Steelers - 3
Dallas Cowboys - 6.5
New York Giants + 6
Kansas City Chiefs + 3
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